Bitter End – Available Now!

The first book in my Nashville Immortals series, Bitter End, is available now!

Cricket Jones must be crazy…

As a single mom with bills to pay and a daughter heading off to college soon, she has to figure out what to do after getting fired. Cricket throws all caution to the wind when she calls the number on the back of a mysterious black business card.

She questions her sanity when she accepts a position working for a vampire, getting pulled further into the supernatural world with each passing day. The sexy biker next door and the hot bartender with a crush on her only complicate her situation.

When Cricket’s vampire employer faces final death and becomes desperate to find a solution, she’s convinced Cricket holds the key and will stop at nothing to force her cooperation. Can Cricket get herself out of this mess before time runs out? And will she be able to choose between two men she has feelings for?

About Me


Shauna Jared is a paranormal romance author who aspires to become a professional time traveler.  Her first book, Bitter End (book one of the Nashville Immortals series), is set to release in the summer of 2020.  She’s currently hard at work on book two, as well as short stories for several anthologies. She writes about all things paranormal and lives vicariously through her characters.  

Shauna lives near Nashville, TN with her husband, son, their dog, and a beta fish.  She loves books, coffee, wine, and bacon, in no particular order.