Tennessee Whiskey

Southern Poison

Ace Dalton is the middle son, the black sheep of the family. Drinking, women, gambling—welcome to Ace’s world. Until dear old dad cuts off Ace’s credit cards and forces him to work at the family distillery, insisting that it’s time for Ace to grow up. But whiskey isn’t the only thing brewing at Dalton Enterprises when an environmental agency files a class action lawsuit, forcing them to cease and desist production. Meanwhile, Ace falls for the one woman in Nashville, Tennessee who doesn’t want him—Callie Harrison.

Can he win her over and save the family business or will the pressure be too hot for Ace to handle?

Southern Heat

Nicholas Dalton, once the apple of his father’s eye and in line to take over Dalton Enterprises, is now unsure of his place in the family and their business now that the prodigal son, Ace, has settled down and gained their father’s approval. With the company still facing a lawsuit, Nick knows the only way to secure his future is to be the one to end it. And that means taking on the head of the Environmental Council that’s suing them—the beautiful and infuriating Amelia Martin.

Amelia has her own demons to fight, which keeps her from letting anyone get too close. Especially arrogant, stupidly gorgeous, entitled idiots who think they can steamroll her into submission. El Diablo, aka Nick Dalton, is in for a rude awakening because Amelia has personal reasons for pursuing this lawsuit. And she won't let Nick get in her way, no matter how attracted she is to him.

Southern Honey

As the old saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Jasper is the sweetest of the Dalton sons, but so far, he hasn't caught anything but bad luck in the romance department. After being told he's "too nice" one too many times, he decides to seek help in changing his image. Who better to teach him than Becky Tucker, a former party girl who has a history with Jasper's brother, Ace? Now she goes by Rebecca, and she's cleaned up her act--she works at Dalton Enterprises and has left her partying days behind. When Jasper approaches her for help, she can't resist his boyish charm, even though she's involved in a failing relationship already. She tells herself she can help Jasper discover his wild side while maintaining a strict friends only policy, but that becomes much harder to do when Rebecca finds herself single again. The more time she spends helping Jasper find himself, the more Rebecca discovers about herself. But when Jasper makes a decision that rocks his family to the core, they blame Rebecca, which puts her new life at risk.

Can she help Jasper without losing herself and the new life she's worked so hard for? Will Jasper and Rebecca overcome the obstacles in their way and give in to a love that's sweeter than honey?