Nashville Immortals

Bitter End

Who would’ve thought a thirty-something single mom would end up working for vampires? Or that vampires are even real?

I’m Cricket Jones, welcome to my life. Recently unemployed, I started working for the vampires who remain hidden from the rest of society. I’d thought my problems were over now that I could afford to send my teenage daughter to college and pay my bills. Little did I know they had only just begun.

Aside from keeping my sassy grandmother out of trouble and worrying about my overly dramatic, angsty fifteen-year-old, now I had a vampire boss faced with mortality who was convinced I held the key to her survival. Not to mention I’m attracted to my new neighbor (a sexy tattooed biker) as well as my longtime friend (a hot bartender) who have their own supernatural secrets.

Will I be able to sort out this mess and keep the people I love safe before it’s too late? And will I be able to choose between the two men who want me?

Bad Blood

Why can’t anything ever be easy for me?

I’m Cricket Jones and not only is my main squeeze, sexy Reaper Zeb, MIA, but my flunky ex-husband John-Clarke is back, wheedling his way into my life and monopolizing my living room couch. To further complicate things, my vampire boss has tasked me with investigating Joey, a lone wolf who happens to be one of my best friends.

While I’m attempting to find out the truth about the bad blood between Joey and his pack, I uncover more than I bargained for—a sinister plot, and my buried feelings for Joey.

Targeted by a raging tyrannical werewolf and a rogue vampire, can I escape with my life, and my heart, intact?

Burning Secrets Ebook

Burning Secrets

Cricket Jones has already survived her teenage daughter, Mac, being kidnapped by a manipulative vampire and her own abduction by an alpha-hole werewolf. But there’s no rest for the weary.

Now, charged with gathering intel on Aiden, a shady dragon-shifter, who’s shown up in Bitter End seeking a mysterious ‘antique,’ Cricket’s Revealer powers immediately sound the alarm. Something is off about Aiden. But everyone around her seems enamored by him – including her Reaper friend Essie and boyfriend, Zeb.

When those closest to her begin acting strangely, then disappear, Cricket must unravel the truth behind Aiden’s intentions. Will Cricket have to brave the dragon’s maw and embrace new powers to rescue them?